The Ministry Initiative

The Ministry Initiative is one of those huge projects that makes you look like you aren’t doing anything for the longest time because you are so focused on doing one thing. The Ministry Initiative is an anthology (Ministry Protocol) and RPG (Ministry Initative) that takes place in the steampunk world of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, a series by Tee Morris and Pip Ballintine. For months, I’ve been working with a team to develop this project.

I wrote a piece of fiction for the anthology (now submitted for edits to Tee and Pip) and I’ve been working with the Fate Core system to adapt it to the steampunk setting. P.J. Schnyder is my co-author for the RPG, and together we are working to build mechanics and a world that will make you into a steampunk secret agent.

It’s a big project. P.J. and I have been working on the RPG for months. I’m working on the mechanics side. I want the game to be compatible with Fate Core, while still having it’s own particular flavor. It’s also really important to me that the game be accessible for new players. There are many fans of The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series that aren’t role-players, and it’s important to me that those fans can easily pick up the RPG and start playing.

I also want to make a game that is accessible and fun to those who aren’t familiar with the books, as a steampunk game that stands on it’s own. Fortunately for me, I’m working with the wonderful Fate Core system which is very flexible, and an all-star team, with P.J. Schnyder as my co-author and Brennan Taylor as our editor.

I suggested P.J. to Brennan to write the setting. Ultimately, it was Brennan’s decision, but I wanted P.J. For a variety of reasons, but mostly those outlined in Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art speech. P.J. is good, friendly, and delivers her work. Also, P.J. has an enthusiasm for steampunk and the world of The Ministry that makes her an ideal person to write the setting. Now, working with Tee and Pip and Brennan, I feel like I’m on a Justice League of a team, people who come from different places, people with different skills, but in the end, people who together could create something that we could not make on our own.

The Ministry Initiative

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