Honey’s Sit’N Eat

Last Friday I got to go to Honey’s Sit’N Eat and photograph the AMAZING cooking of Chef Michael Thomas for a food review in Philadelphia Weekly.

Honey’s on South Street has an open, airy feel, and I was there at an off time, 3pm on Friday, so I got to experience the rare experience of a sparsely populated Honey’s (usually the place has LOTS of people).

I got to photograph four beautiful dishes, Enfrijoladas, the Fried Tilapia Sandwich, the Reuben, and the glorious Honey Cristo.

Then I got to eat the Honey Cristo. When I go out for brunch, I am faced with picking between my two desires. Sweet or Savory? When I put the Honey Cristo in my mouth, I knew I had found the ultimate blending of my two desires, because the Honey Cristo is ham and swiss cheese between two slices of French toast. On top are the most perfectly cooked eggs I have ever encountered. It was incredible. Also filling. I was glad that I had a smoothie for breakfast that morning and then nothing else the rest of the day because the Honey Cristo claimed my stomach. In a good way.

The staff (most of whom had no idea who I was or why I was there) were SO nice. Two super-sweet servers, Casey and Stephaine, agreed to pose for me. I think they are adorable. I see why Honey’s is popular and why, so often, there is a line out the door to get in.