Philadelphia is a happening city. Stuff is always going on. Always!

In the past, I often felt like I would only hear about the awesome stuff when it was over. Now that I work for Philadelphia Weekly, where it is actually my job to hear about stuff, I’m more in touch. Also, I’ve been doing more things. Like eating cheese.

Thinking back on it, I have eaten a lot of work related cheese. But anyway!

This event (Kimcheese) was all about fermentation, and pairing Kimchee with Cheese. Madam Frommage (cheese expert) was there, and was incredibly friendly and kind. The event was held at DiBruno Bros. and much cheese was eaten that day, including this incredible blue cheese, which was mild and creamy and which I ate GOBS of on those tiny little slices of bread.

So good.

Click on any photo in the gallery to view it larger.

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