J.R. Blackwell, Minor Prophet

I am J.R. Blackwell, and I am a minor 21st century prophet.

People find my website in different ways. Google searches about ponies and zombies, or after they’ve met me in a cemetery or a convention. I might have run a game for you, or maybe I handed you my business card after you gave that talk about zombies, or maybe I took your picture while you were on a unicycle, or maybe I went to your college class and told you the secrets on how to get published, which, afterwards you realized weren’t really secrets at all.

I’m a woman who writes fiction, games, and take photographs. Now and then I think to myself: Maybe I should only do one of these things. Then I try to focus on that one thing, and then someone will offer me money to do whatever I’m not doing, and I’m VERY mercenary, so I’ve ended up doing them all in a sort of wonderful juggling act.

It makes me feel very pretentious to say this, but what I really enjoy is telling stories, creating characters and generating narratives, and I’ll use whatever medium I can to make this happen. It just happens that games, fiction and photography seem to suit me best. The non pretentious way to say it is that I Like To Make Stuff, and I’m compulsive about it, and I often abandon other pursuits that humans enjoy in order to fulfill my desire to Make Stories.

I’ve won an award for my first game, Shelter in Place, and my second one, Court/Ship,  (a supplement, for those interested in details) is” In Press”* with Evil Hat.

My fiction has been published in a variety of places, online and in print, but, most notably, I’ve had a humorous essay published in The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and as it is a Gospel, I believe that this makes me a Prophet, albeit a minor one. Which is nice, actually, as major ones tend to get killed and I am not interested in that sort of deal.

My photography is on book covers and in magazines and I’m currently employed as a photographer for the Philadelphia Weekly, who have employed me to run around the city and take photos of interesting things. If you are doing something interesting in Philadelphia, especially something with a strong visual element, please feel free to write to me about it at jrblackwell at gmail dot com.

This is who I am: a person who makes stuff. Sometimes I think about taking a break from making stuff for a while and I end up making giant loads of things and so I’ve given up on breaks entirely. I cannot be trusted to break. My foot is on the gas pedal, and I can’t stop.

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