The Best Part of My Job

As a staff photographer for Philadelphia Weekly, I have the pleasure, and I mean this when I say it, the absolute PLEASURE, of shooting photos for food reviews and for the fantastic column, Forking Stupid. I have had amazing chefs prepare fresh, delicious food and fabulous drinks for my camera to consume. (As an after-effect, I get to consume them too)

Usually, if I’ve been able to read the review beforehand (all the reviews are written before I go) then I’ll ask for the food that is mentioned in the review. However, sometimes I don’t get to read the reviews, so I just ask the restaurant to serve their most attractive food.

The results of this is that I end up eating food that I would have never ordered myself, made by people who carefully prepare the dishes, knowing that they are going to be photographed. I go to restaurants I’ve never been to before and I get to eat food I wouldn’t think to order.

A great example of this is the Rose Margarita from Tequila’s. It’s a drink that’s a kick behind they eyeballs in the prettiest of packages. Or the pork chop from Saigon Cuisine – if I went there myself, I would likely order the Pho and nothing else, but the pork chop is divine. I hope there will be a lot of food photography in my future, because the rewards are unexpected and delicious.

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