This is Emerald, which I created in a series of water-photos. This effect was achieved by filling a metal bowl with water, and adding food dye to the water, while allowing a faucet to slowly drip into the bowl. I used a variety of food dyes, blue and orange and green and red, which resulted in some interesting photos.

One of the things I often chant to myself as a take photos is “Get Closer, Get Closer”. For this photo, the lens was just above the water.



This week I’m selling 10 prints that I created for a small art show. I don’t usually sell prints and I’m not planning to make more of these. Every print will be signed and labeled 1 of 1. Every print is 8×12 and is $40. Shipping is included for people in the US, international shippers should contact me at jrblackwell@gmail.com to work out a rate.

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