Art Show Print Sale

A couple weeks ago I was asked to speak at the University of Delaware about photography and to bring a collection of prints that I could show to the students. The students were fantastic. They were attentive, energetic, and asked insightful questions. After it was over, my prints hung in their student gallery for a week.

Now I have ten prints just sitting here in my house! They are from a variety of shoots, ranging from a study on water, to a graveyard, to a photo from the Heroine photoshoot.

Art Show Prints

I’m going to be selling these photos over the next two weeks, releasing one per weekday. There is only one print per sale, all of them will be signed and numbered 1# of 1# with the date.

I rarely sell prints. The last time I sold them was for my 365 Days project in 2008. So, if you want one of my prints, this is your chance. Each of the prints will be $40, which will include shipping in the US.  People living outside the US should contact me at and we’ll work something out.

If you see a print from the photos above and you want to reserve it, contact me.

EDITED TO ADD: 4 of the 10 photos have now been reserved. If you count down from the top left to right, one to ten, photos 2, 6, 8 and 9 are now reserved for buyers.