Court/Ship Color

I don’t know for sure, but I think I am the only author for the Fate Core settings that has both written and created art for their setting. I feel fortunate that Fred Hicks gave me the creative opportunity to execute the entire project, and gave me the kind of budget so that I could make this photoshoot happen.

People hate to hear this, but photoshoots can be expensive, especially ones like these, with costume rentals, professional makeup and even just buying food so that the models don’t pass out during the shoot. (Models = Not Robots)

The book itself is going to be published in black and white, so when I took the photos, I lit many of them thinking about the black and white conversion. I could have simply ignored color, just looking at things in terms of shading, but I wanted to be able to put up some of the photos in color online, so color was a strong component in the shoot as well.

Most of the photos look better in black and white, but a few of them really light up in color.

For example, this one, with it’s soft glow, and it’s luminescent reds.

Or this, with the pastels of the ladies contrasting with the primary colors of the swordsman.

This shoot really played to my strengths. My attraction to photography, writing, and gaming is all from the same source – I like to create characters and tell stories. This shoot gave me the opportunity to do just that.


Models: Jenn, Avalon, Alyce, Trillian, Brennan, Jared, Dan

Makeup by Bunny Green and Elizabeth Elizabeth Terenchin

Corsets and Skirts by Mayfaire Moon