On Ten Hour Shoots and Not Quite Clothing

While what I’m wearing today could be technically considered “clothing” my need to put it in quotes should tell you that it’s not exactly what I would wear to a business meeting. I wouldn’t be arrested for wearing it, all the important parts are covered, and most of the unimportant ones too, what I’m wearing is really just “Pajamas to Run Errands In”.

I am exhausted from this weekend. Saturday, with the Court/Ship photoshoot and then going out to Fluid to shoot some nightclub stuff for Philadelphia Weekly left me in a daze on Sunday. I drank about six cups of coffee on Sunday and it was like I was just shoving down decaf, it did absolutely nothing.

Today I feel better, but I’m still in “just barely clothes actually mostly pajamas” and I can see the 10 hours of photo editing in front of me stretching out across the week.

All of the photos need to be converted into black and white for publication, and most of them require other serious edits. But consider this a leak, a drop, a little something from the “I can’t wait to show you file” from Saturday.

Court/Ship: The Fountain

I looked for Versailles in Philadelphia, and though it isn’t here, my ability to lie with a medium that transposes light and shadow has gotten pretty good over the years. I hope you enjoy it. More to come, friends.

The model is Trillian, the dress is from Mayfaire Moon, the makeup artist is Elizabeth Trenchin. All of them are professional, punctual and generous.