Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night

Sunday night, I was lucky enough to find myself backstage at the Queen of the Night benefit, which raised money for local LGBTQ charities. I talked to the organizer, who told me that the whole event had been put together in only four weeks, and yet he had gathered together a network of local businesses, charities and individual supporters to make the event happen.

Queen of the Night

The Queens were stunning, and I was so pleased that they were willing to let me photograph them.

Queen of the Night
I told this Queen that I loved her style, that it was a little unusual among all the Queens and I liked the difference. “I’m a ghost!” she exclaimed. I loved it.

There was an odd cognitive dissonance being among the Queens. At 5’7, I’m tall for a woman, usually one of the tallest women in the room. Among Queens, I’m a short lady, standing on my tip-toes or climbing on top of something to get the right shot.

This is Isis, who gave me a giant hug as I was leaving and thanked me for photographing her. Really, it was a gift for me to have the pleasure of taking pictures of such striking Queens.

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