Curio Dress Rehersal

I was so honored when Curio theater asked me to take the promotional photos for their newest (and currently running) show, Equus. I was even more delighted when they asked me back to take the production photos of their dress rehearsal. The show is emotionally intense and brilliantly staged.
Curio Theater: Equus

Curio is my local theater, really just a few blocks from my hose, and I am so glad that we have such a high quality theater in our neighborhood.

Curio Theater: Equus

The construction of the stage for the show is incredible – the audience enters through a corral, and it seems as if the entire thing is held within a stable, the actors sitting “offstage” are in stalls, like horses. It is as visually striking as it is emotionally powerful.

Curio Theater: Equus

View a Photoset from Equus

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The show runs through February 16th. To buy your own tickets, visit Curio online.