Real Women Have Curves

Real Women have curves. Real Women have a space between their thighs, Real Women have arms with wrists and fingers and nails. Real Women lost all that in battle. Real Women have wrinkles. Real Women have scales and a tail and giant dragon wings they can use to fly around the world.

Real Women walk in beauty. Real Women have a destiny.  Real Women are childless. Real Women have a BMI of 3.1415. Real Women have degrees in Engineering. Real women Fly. Real Women are slouching towards Bethlehem to be born.

Real Women have a penis. Real Women have vaginas and armor. Real Women have eggs they can cook up into people. Real Women have ballsacks made of steel.

Real Women have sex with men who wear cowboy hats. Real Women have sex with Real Women. Real Women have sex with non-conformist bi-gendered people. Real Women join the circus and train lions and give zero thought to sex.

Real Women direct traffic, Real Women put on plays about horses, Real Women read comics, Real Women sing tenor, Real Women make boardgames, Real women drink coffee, Real Women make themselves a sandwich.

Real Women know how to crack and egg and gently, confidently, transfer the yoke, sifting the white into a bowl for whisking, Real Women fly planes, Real Women love dresses and a tailored suit and books and knitting and gardens and shooting arrows into the sunset.

Real Women were born male, Real Women were born as babies, Real Women Emerged, fully armed, from the head of a God, Real Women wear red, Real Women are Saved, Real Women worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster,

Real Women care about the expansion of the universe, the majestic shapes of galaxies, the bursting chemical reactions of stars and the planets that spin around them all of it  tumbling, inexorably, towards entropy.

Real Women are People that Identify as Women.

Case Closed.

One thought on “Real Women Have Curves

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