Behind the Scenes of Forbidden November

Behind the Scenes of Forbidden November

Makeup started at about noon, and we shot around four. The hair, makeup, and fittings took hours to complete, with lace attached to the corsets and the models custom tied into their outfits.

It was very cold when we were shooting, so between shots, the models wore their coats, and then threw them off when it was time to actually start shooting.

Behind the scenes, I learned how much time I really need to set aside for a shoot that requires extensive hair, makeup, and costumes. This is a great lesson for me, as I have some large shoots coming up, and timing everything just right – especially with outdoor shoots – is very important.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this happen!

CLICK HERE for the final photos of Forbidden November.

Makeup by Bunny Greene
Fashions by MayFaire Moon
Photography by J.R. Blackwell