Every New Years a bunch of naysayers slide out of the mist to take a giant dump on whatever it is people are trying to change about their lives. I can hear the chorus now:

Don’t do it. It will never work. You’ll be back to your old habits in a month.

All of this comes from the idea that you shouldn’t try to change because you’ll fail. And failing is bad. That making the effort is ridiculous because of your probable failure.

Guess what? Maybe you will fail. That doesn’t mean that the effort wasn’t worth it.

Maybe you’ll resolve to eat more vegetables because that’s what makes your body feel good. Maybe you only do that for a month. Fine! That’s one more month of your life where you did something nice for yourself.

Maybe you’ll try to write that book but you don’t finish it. Fine! You discovered that writing books isn’t for you. It’s great that you discovered that about yourself. Next time, try something else.

Failure is a possibility and often, if you set those goals high, a probability. But trying and failing is worth it, because of what you learn in the process. Sometimes you learn that your strategy didn’t work, or wasn’t what you really wanted. That’s a good thing.

So good luck to you with your failures, your mistakes and problems and falling off the wagons and getting back on again. Good luck striving and working and failing. I wish you success, but even if you don’t achieve it, I wish you the best as you try.

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