Photo Retrospective: 2012

Can you see, in these photos, that this was the most difficult year of my life?


Photography is an interesting medium in that the photographer can be very distant from the images. It would be difficult to argue that nothing of the artist gets into the work, but as a photographer you are in constant collaboration with the world, and what the world reveals, and then, in turn, what you reveal of the world.

I am five, six and seven weeks pregnant in the photos in the lower right hand corner. At six months, I lose my baby and disappear from my own photos.

But you move on.

There were bear puppets and newspaper covers and fashion shoots and authors and super spies and beer week. Life moves. I move with it.

One thought on “Photo Retrospective: 2012

  1. J.R. I’ve loved you photography retrospective posts, I’ve followed you work for a number of years and it was really interesting to see the evolution of your art over the years.

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