Photo Retrospective: 2011

In 2011 I got a white backdrop and a lighting rig to use for “studio” photos.  I say studio in quotes because my studio is just my living room with the backdrop set up. Saying studio makes it seem like I have a fancy space. I do not.

I had a big party, invited a bunch of friends and took their photos in front of the backdrop.


I also took a lot of photos out in unusual places – dry fountains, under bridges, graveyards, conventions, forests. The wedding cake there was photographed in a basement. The photo of Brennan Taylor with a cigar was taken at GenCon.

I became good friends with Ruth and Jess, who own a wig company called The Five Wits. I photographed many of their amazing wigs and they leant me a few for photo projects. I became obsessed with adding more and more light to photographs, suffusing them with light, using light as a shadow. I used to use darkness to hide things, but in 2011 I used light.