Photo Retrospective: 2008

If I were to point to one year where I “got good” it would be 2008. Up to 2008, it has been a snails progress, slowly, but surely, I could do more and more. But in 2008 I decided to do a daily self portrait project.

It wasn’t just doing it daily, though that was part of it, it was the idea that I decided to challenge myself daily. Not just take a photo but make a scene, create characters, come up with a concept. I would have been easy just to take a photo of my face, but I wanted to make something I could be proud of every day.

I didn’t always succeed, but the journey succeeded.


This past year I ran my first 5k, with an obstacle course. There was part of the course where I had to swim across a six foot deep river in October and then pull myself up a five foot bank on a rope. I looked at the rope and thought: I can’t do this. But I decided to try anyway. As it turns out, it is something I can do.

Much of the photos in my 365 Days project were like that. I wondered if I could do something, and then, not knowing if I could, and even suspecting I couldn’t, I tried.

Sometimes it turned out I couldn’t. Sometimes it turned out I could.

The fact that I tried was what mattered.