Photo Retrospective: 2005

It’s 2005 and I remember thinking: Oh! I’ve gotten quite good!

In retrospect, I’m a little embarrassed by the thought. But I see the photographer I become here, and I like what I’ve done.

What has happened here is that I’ve gotten practiced. Also, I’ve bee shooting quite a bit with my friend Dan, who is very beautiful, and makes me look far more talented than I really am. I look back and realize, unsurprisingly, that taking pictures of beautiful people is quite easy, actually.

It is in 2005 when I started taking my photoshoots outdoors, on to interesting locations.

I have very little color sense, but I really enjoy creating fantastical characters and settings. More than playing with light, I enjoy playing with darkness. I like the mystery of it. I cloak my models in it.

I am also, exceedingly lucky that I have people who are willing to model for me, who make me look better than I deserve, and how are utterly patient with me as I learn and get better.