Life in the Black

Life in the Black, all 365 of my self portraits from my 365 Days self portrait project, is now up in book form. You can purchase it on Blurb for 37.95 in softcover and 48.95 in hardcover. I get a dollar whenever you buy a copy.

Life in the Black

I sold exactly one print of each day  at the price of the day they were taken on. Day One was a dollar. Day 365 was 365 dollars. The photos in this post are all images that haven’t sold yet. (Want one? You can e-mail me at – they continue to be the price of the day I sold them, but I refuse to sell more than one) Lots of people ask, so I’m just going to answer: Yes, Day 365 DID sell, as did day 364 and 363. (362 though, is still available.)

Day 311:Ten FirefliesThis book is going to be the only prints of these image outside the single print I made of each day. The book groups them together roughly by day, but also by theme, color, and mood. This project was a huge part of developing my skills and style as a photographer. If you were to look at all my photos together there is a clear before and after around this project.

In this book there is some fiction, some essays, and an introduction from Jack Scoresby. I finished the layout about a year ago, but just didn’t press the button to launch.

Now the button is pressed.


You can see the entirely of my 365 Days Project here:

You can purchase the book, and view a preview, here:
Day 201: No Time For Love