Photo Retrospective: 2004

I want to tell you a story in words and pictures, about how I became a photographer, how I used to tell stories and how I tell them now, and, of course, what happened along the way.

I started taking photos in 2003, when I bought a point and shoot. My friends at the time had started to make a joke about how ugly we all were and how amazing it was that such an ugly group of people got to be friends. The thing was, I didn’t like, or agree with, the “joke”. I thought my friends were beautiful, and bought a camera to show them what I saw.

By 2004, I was gathering people together, getting them in costumes and makeup, and starting to experiment with light and scenes and setting.  I was so excited by my point and shoot, getting to see the images on the screen right after I took them delighted me. I always enjoyed telling stories, and this was my chance to tell stories in a new way.


In 2004, I was very into makeup. I still am, but back then I put makeup on all of my models myself. I loved it. I lug around this big case of makeup and slapped it on people in a way that would make the current makeup artist I know gasp and faint (or kick me in the shins).

I was very interested in faces. I remember looking back on all of the photos I took and proclaiming “Heads! I am obsessed with heads!”

I was in love with photographing people. As you can see, I also took the occasional photo of a flower, but I think that was just to convince myself that I could, actually, photograph things other than people. I didn’t really want to though, people were my fascination.

Still are.