Current Projects

Dr. Mercury

Dr. Mercury is not a current project, which is something I feel terrible about.
Art by Jennifer Rodgers

December/January Projects

I have so many projects simmering right now that I thought it might be good/helpful to write them all out. I have my own web of organization that keeps me on task (it’s a calendar with regular reminders plus an ever-changing white board) but I thought a general run down might be helpful if you are following the blog.


Heroine is a game based on stories like Alice in Wonderland, Oz, and Labyrinth. I’ve been hired to do the art for this project, and it’s been evolving into my biggest photoshoot yet.

Two costumes have been made just for the shoot, I’ve rented out a historic landmark, and it looks like we are going to have four hours of makeup. Jared Axelrod has blogged about the creation of The Rook, our villain, on his blog.

I’m striving to create an “otherworldly fantasy” in the middle of winter in the city. I had, at first, envisioned that we’d be shooting in spring or summer, and the flowers and wildlife would give us that fantasy feeling. But now our fantasy is going to be much darker, because we are going to be shooting inside of a historic prison. I am so excited.

Read more about the Heroine photoshoot

Velociraptor! Cannibalism!

V!C! is nearing completion. The art and graphic design are so close to the finish line. Creating this game has been a bumpy road for me. I was hospitalized right in the middle of the Velociraptor! Canniablism! Kickstarter campaign, a campaign I had pushed for. The artist for the project, and one of my closest friends, Jenn, sat with me and held my hand when I was in the hospital. This isn’t something we announce in a backers update.

V!C! was created when I was pregnant, and your win scenario for the game is about reproduction. Though everyone in the team had a lot of influence on the design, I cannot help but think that reproduction as win was influenced by my own state of mind.   By the rules of my own game, the one I designed, I have lost.

Soon, now, it will be finished, and off to the printers. I look forward to holding it in my hands.


Court/Ship is a game setting based on the court of Louis the XV in the midst of an alien invasion. I was asked to write it to coincide with the launch of FATE Core. Today I zipped off to the library to meet with my friend, librarian, and fellow gamer, Kate. We are both huge fans of FATE and Kate helped me immensely with research for the game. Though historical accuracy is not the primary goal of this game, I find history intensely inspiring and I’m hoping to come away with fashion, characters and a rich setting from the vast library resources of the city I live in.

The Lost

The Lost is an anthology I’m editing based on and inspired by the game, Kingdom of Nothing. It is so close to done, and I’m only waiting on edits from one more writer before we can do the final copy editing, layout, and then it’s off to the races with this one. These stories are hauntingly beautiful. I can honestly say that I look at the world a bit differently now. No matter what else happens, they changed me.

Blood Red Sands

This anthology is based on the game, Blood Red Sands, and like The Lost it is a nails width away from being finished. I can honestly say that Peter Woodworth wrote one of the most brilliant things I have ever read from him in a story titled “Just A Thief”. If you read it, you may have a strong impulse to shake Peter Woodworth firmly, just to see if the rest of the fabulous novel he’s started in this one story will fall out of him. Does it work that way with writers? Worth a try, perhaps.

Rose to Conquer

Rose to Conquer is a webcomic I’m working on with my friend Calli. I completed Chapter 1, and written, in rough draft form, Chapters 2-5, but I’d like to polish them up and finish off Book One, so that Calli has an entire story to read when she is drawing the comic. Rose to Conquer is about a princess named Rose who lives in a Kingdom of monsters ruled by her Magus Mother. The story is about growing up in a time of war, what it means to be yourself, what love is all about, and becoming an adult.

It’s a full schedule for the next two months, but that’s the way I like it. What a delight it is to write, edit and take photos for such a variety of projects.