Photography Puzzles

I’ve been working on my game about an Alien Invasion in the Court of Louis the XV, and I have lots of ideas for photography I’d like to do for the game.

I’m quite lucky in that I have a friend in Ms. Mayfaire Moon, who makes corsets that are reminiscent of that period, and has agreed to provide me outfits in exchange for photos. I have a fabulous makeup artist in Bunny Greene, who has agreed to help. I’ve been soliciting brilliant models to contribute to the shoot too. I even have some amazing Five Wits Wigs to put on my models!

All I’m lacking is Versailles.

Of course, there are a plethora of fabulous gardens in the Philadelphia area, but many of them are problematic in some way. Longwood Gardens would certainly serve as splendid Versailles stand in, but photography (with models and props and such) isn’t allowed there. Many fabulous public parks in the area have no problem with photography of any kind, but look so far away from Versailles that even the cleverest of crops won’t fool the eye.

I can’t afford to ship my models, costumes and props to Versailles (and couldn’t shoot there even if I could) so what’s a photographer to do? Especially a photographer with a budget of, well, buying the group pizza.

As of yet, I have no idea. But I’m working on it. There’s a park out there for me somewhere, I just need to find it.