What Terrified Him

My friend Chris and I have this concept called “The Second Man” which is about a spy. Now and then we write each other fiction about The Second Man. This is one of those things.

It was the women who frightened him, the Second Man, the invisible, terrifying women of The Organization. It was the women who would drop him information, entirely unseen.

Though the movies seem to deny it, women are more than half of everyone, and they walk in and out of places with clipboards and diaper bags and groceries and no one is in the least threatened by them because, well, they’re women, and that’s the world we live in.

Like the Second Man, they are constantly underestimated.

The boss back at headquarters said “They will catch you when you fall,” but what he meant, of course, was that it was the women who would kill him if he didn’t follow the plan. The invisible, underestimated, terrifying, brilliant, humble, clever women.