Heroine: The Rook

Heroine fabric

Fabric and Accessories for The Rook

Today Jared and I went out and purchased the fabric and accessories for the cloak were are making for the Heroine photoshoot. The photo you see is of the accessories purchased for the villain, a character we’re calling “The Rook”.  The black fabric is a velvet, the cracked glass/spiderweb fabric is the lining for the cloak and the feathers will make a collar and cuffs for our Rook. This will be completed with a mirrored mask that I hope, all together, will create a creepy, villainous look.

Heroine is a game written by Josh Jordan. He’s commissioned me to make the art for the game which is shaping up to be my biggest photoshoot yet!

If you backed the Heroine Kickstarter, you might be interested to know where your cash is going in producing the artwork. Here’s a quick breakdown:

$200 for Costumes
$125 to a National Landmark (Rentals help keep this national landmark preserved)
$100 for amazing special effects makeup

Four models, a national landmark, advanced costumes, hours of makeup – the supporters of this Kickstarter have given enough to allow me to produce a level of art that I couldn’t with less funding. Money helps! Having money allows me to rent amazing spaces, create costumes, and feed the wonderful models that show up to the shoot. It gives me the time to edit photos and make this the best it could possibly be.

Art doesn’t need cash to exist, but having a budget allows me to do far more. Thank you to the Heroine supporters! The fact that you gave so generously to the campaign means that I get to do more for you, and create better art for your game, and to pay other artists fairly for their work. Thank you!

Want to see the models for the Heroine photoshoot? You can see who is on board here: https://jrblackwell.wordpress.com/2012/11/26/the-heroine-photoshoot/