FATE Core: Court/Ship

Followers of this blog might know that I have been planning to release a game about Courtly Intrigue and Alien Invasion using the FATE system. I ran a campaign with this setting a few years ago for a group of fabulous gamers who really enjoyed it. Then Fred from Evil Hat approached me to write a setting for Fate Core, and while I pitched a couple ideas to him, this is the one that stood out.

He put the setting as a stretch goal for the FATE Core Kickstarter campaign, and it was quickly accomplished by the passionate FATE supporters. So, Court/Ship, my game of alien invasion in the court of Louis XV is going to happen, and will be published by Evil Hat. I am so delighted to be putting out this setting.

One of the great things about this project is that so much of the work for it is already done. Since I’ve already run a campaign I have maps, plot hooks, NPC’s, and pre-generated characters all set up. Of course, writing for oneself is totally different than writing for an audience, so I still need to work what I have into something that is comprehensive to others.

Also, I want to add specific mechanical tweaks to FATE Core that can demonstrate to readers how to adjust FATE to this setting, but also, to other settings involving the interactions between vastly different creatures (aliens and humans) and specific ideas about social interactions (the court side of the equation).

In the games I design and run for friends, I’m very interested in how people without conventional power (authority, physical power, technological power) can use their skills in order to influence outcomes. I hope that I’m able to use FATE, or expand the system, in order to make mechanics that accomplish this goal. I’m hoping that this concept could be moved to a game where players wanted to be peasants revolting against a King, or even spies using subterfuge rather than gunfire.

Fred has given me the go-ahead to blog about this process, and the process of producing art for the game (another blog post) here. I hope that you’ll follow along with me as I create this setting. I’ve made a tag “Court/Ship” so that you can easily see all the posts as I write about the setting, character concepts, mechanics, FATE in general and the process as I set up the first FATE photoshoot. (Actually, I don’t know if it’s the first, I’m guessing.)

Please feel free to comment ans ask questions as I design, write and share!

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4 thoughts on “FATE Core: Court/Ship

    • I look forward to sharing it with you! I’m going to be posting my progress as I research, design, and write the project over the next month here. I’m hoping that designing in public will get people excited about the project, and get some thoughts and contributions along the way.

      • High court intrigue! Heaving bosoms! Aliens! There is a lot there to love. I’m pumped to see how the drama of the king’s court can remain essential during the invasion and how it doesn’t all just crumple. I’m also curious about the invaders.

        I’m stoked.

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