Forbidden November

When my friend and frequent collaborator, Bunny Greene, asked me to find some models with long hair to try out some new styles on, I knew I wanted to plan a shoot around it. So I got in touch with my friend Nikki from MayFaire Moon, and she arranged for my models to wear some fabulous outfits.

November Photoshoot

Then on one, cold day in November, we all got together for a shoot.

November Photoshoot

Shoots can take hours to organize and prep for, and only a couple minutes to actually shoot.

November Photoshoot

This kind of experience makes me so happy that I know this wonderful collection of creative people that I can call on to make something happen. I think about Bunny’s makeup, Nikki’s outfits, and my fantastic models and I am so happy that we can come together to make beautiful things.

November Photoshoot

One of the neat things about this shoot is that we got to have a long conversation about collaborating in the future, and how we can make even more beautiful images. We talked extensively about an upcoming shoot I have for the game Heroine, and how things that happened in this shoot were going to evolve and grow.

I couldn’t do this shoot on my own. Working with creative people like this, I don’t mind that I need their help. I welcome it.

More photos here:

Makeup by Bunny Greene
Fashions by MayFaire Moon
Models: Bunny, Jenn, Kylie
Photography by J.R. Blackwell

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