The Characters of the Court

In my Aliens in the Court of Louis the XV Game, there is a cast of pre-designed FATE characters, each with their own plots, desires, duties and secrets.

  • There is a young woman who has traveled to court to become the Kings mistress to gain power and wealth for her family. Her secret could have her burned.
  • The head of palace security is a man with golden hair and a terrible secret, because he’s in love with someone who could never love him back.
  • The Captain of the Nightwatch is feared and respected and his secret is also the Kings.
  • The King’s mistress wants only to get the King to lose interest without losing his favor.
  • A Gentleman Scientist discovers a secret about the royal family that could have him beheaded.

I’ll outline more about these characters later, but when I created them, I worked them to each be able to contribute to the action while intertwining their plot lines so that they interacted mostly with each other, rather than NPC’s.  Even though these characters are all pre-generated, there is flexibility for the player in execution, and the plot could go in very different directions depending on the players contributions.

I’ll put up some more detailed character profiles soon.

One thought on “The Characters of the Court

  1. This project reminds me of the book series I’m reading – Age of Unreason by Charles Handy (I’m on Book 2 – a Calculus of Angels). A large part of the Book 1 takes place in the court of Louis XIV, and involves a bit of court intrigue, but also magic! But the scientific kind of magic. It’s quite compelling. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to game.

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