Courtly Intrigue + Alien Invasion = My Next Roleplaying Game

Reserach A few years ago, I had a dream about a young woman who is sent off to the court of the King to become his mistress and bring home wealth and status for her family.

Though my dream itself failed to provide any relevant clues about when and where this might take place, I was inspired by the idea enough to start doing some research into finding a place where this sort of scenario might reasonably take place.

The court of Louis XV of France quickly began to fascinate me. What a weird place! Though a few generations before the French revolution, it was easy to see why his sort of excess would inspire revolt. Of course, excess, class divisions, hierarchy, these things are excellent fuel for stories, and after a bit of research, I began to construct a role-playing game based in the setting.

Among courtly balls, mistresses, giant gardens and political intrigue this game examines what power means, the relationships of those who are ruled, and what all this means in the context of an alien invasion.

That’s right, an alien invasion.

Who will dance with nobility at the ball? Will our young maiden get to sleep with the king? What is the green ooze in the woods? What does the circus troop at the palace have to teach us about dance and how important being a good dancer is? How will the court of Louis handle an alien invasion?

I ran this game for a small group last year, and I’d love to make it into something that people could buy. I’ve built it around the Fate System, with everything you need to get started on the campaign.

The next step in the process is refining my notes, characters and episodes so that it’s written for the public to read (and not just me), getting a layout person, and creating the art for the game. I’ll be sharing this process here as I shape this up for publication.