The Heroine Photoshoot

Josh Jordan has hired me to create a series of photographs for his game, Heroine.

Heroine is a storytelling game inspired by books and movies like Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, Alice in Wonderland, and The Chronicles of Narnia. When you play Heroine, one player plays the Heroine while the others take turns narrating the story and playing one of the Heroine’s quirky new companions.

For this photoshoot, I have the delight and the challenge of designing our Heroine, her quirky companions, and the villain they will face.

Right now, it looks like our Heroine will be accompanied by a Troll King, a Structure Queen and a talking Teddy Bear while having to face the deadly Mirror Raven, who can steal your face and your soul.

The models are on board, the costumers are ready and the makeup artist has been pitching Big Ideas.

The Fabulous Models of Heroine!

Heroine only has four more days on Kickstarter. Josh has already reached his goal, but if he gets to $2,400 (about $300 more, as I write this) then I’ll be able to produce TWICE the amount of photos for him. The more budget Josh can give me, the more I can do for the art for the game.

If you like the ideas you see here, and want to see what his game is all about, check out his kickstarter project: