How To Get Me To Take Your Picture

Sometimes when one of my recent shoots goes up online, someone leaves a comment on twitter or facebook saying:  “I wish J.R. Blackwell would take my picture.”

Dan and Avalons Wedding

I am here to tell you that making this happen is very simple! I am happy to do a photoshoot with you! I am available for hire at very reasonable rates. My shoots include hosting, editing, and a consultation to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your photoshoot.

Ekaterina Sedia

Often, people tell me that they WANT good photos of themselves, but are scared because they aren’t models. Well, I shoot VERY FEW MODELS. That’s right! Most of the people I shoot are authors or actors or podcasters or artists. I’m so very pleased that you think the people in my portfolio are professional models, but 99% of them are just cool folks like you.
Steampunk PJ

Here is how you can hire me:

Step 1.: Send an e-mail to and tell me you want to hire me. We’ll talk about the type of shoot you want (wedding, engagement, book cover, author photo, family portrait, awesome facebook pic, theater troop photos).

Step 2. Pay me for my services

Step 3. Photoshoot! Editing! Awesome photos!

If you don’t have the money to pay me for my services but you think you have something you can trade, feel free to contact me. I understand being a poor artist with very little cash. If you have an awesome theater troop and can get me free tickets to your show – we should talk about it! I can always use good makeup artists, an accountant, or someone who will frame photos for me.


Somehow, I feel as if people have gotten the idea that they have to be really beautiful, stylish or talented to get me to take their photo. This is not true! You just have to hire me. With money! It’s really that simple! You can check out my rates here:

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  1. I second this sentiment. I tend to be rather insecure about my looks, but I needed photos for a professional website. JR made me feel really at ease for the whole shoot, was very professional, and took amazing photos! You can see the final result here. I’d highly recommend getting in touch with her if you need photographs for any reason.

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