Philly to Vegas!

Engagement Photoshoot: Erica and Chris

Erica and Chris are the kind of couple wedding photographers dream about: fun, friendly, and up for anything. In their engagement shoot (above) they got up just before dawn to shoot on the center strip of broad street. They live fairly close to this area, and since they met in Philadelphia, this shot captures a moment in time of their courtship and the place they fell in love.


One of the great things about shooting in Vegas is all of the great locations crammed close together. Giant pieces of artwork, large architectural pieces, sculptures and monuments all rise from the desert catching the eye.

Groom and Best Man

Up early in the morning with the best man and groom, finding places with no people at all was quite easy, and the dramatic architecture caught our imagination.


When I started shooting the bridesmaids and bride getting ready, I was already thinking: photocollage! Seeing all of those lipglosses in a rainbow row made me feel happy. I wanted to try everything on.

Vegas Wedding: Erica and Chris

The ceremonial pouring of the liqueur.

Vegas Wedding: Erica and Chris

At the wedding chapel! Chris and Erica are, perhaps, the most fun ever. I was so happy that I got to photograph their adorable, fun, lovely wedding. This is the first wedding I’ve photographed in Vegas, but I hope it’s not my last. What a blast!

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