This Feeling

Sometimes, as a photographer, I get this feeling that it’s not popular to actually enjoy shooting weddings. I understand that it’s not fun for everyone. That’s fine. People like to photograph different things, and that’s totally fine with me.

I get it: Weddings can be exhausting! It’s hours of being on your feet, running around, being invisible, yet everywhere, and taking photos of everything. If it’s not for you, believe me, I understand.

Sometimes though, I’ll say I enjoy shooting weddings and I’ll get a look like I just farted in church. A look that says “I thought you were cool” or “Are you SERIOUS?”

The truth is, I just love them! I love them elegant and cheesy and simple and extravagant.  I love watching people get ready, put on adorable outfits and get their look just right. I like the places people pick to get married, and hearing them talk about why that place is important to them. I love to see friends and family celebrating happiness. I like to see two people declare their love for each other, even if I don’t know them well. I like music and dancing and families and gowns and tiaras and veils and suits and people being so happy that they cry. I love flower girls and bouquets and ring bearers.

I like to see happiness in the face of a stranger.

Also? I like cake.

So, okay, maybe you don’t like shooting weddings. Maybe I’m not cool for loving them. But I love them all the same.