Stages of A Minor Illness

1. What is this strange feeling coming over me?

2. Ah! I am sick! I see! Commence Sickness Procedures!

3. Comforting Soups, Tea and Movies are fun, even when I don’t feel well! Lozenges and tissues and juices and surround me, the guardians of my illness! Ice Cream becomes, not an indulgence, but medicinal! Haha!

4. Alright, I’ve watched the movies and eaten the soups, I’m ready to be better.

5. Anytime now. Commence feeling better…now? How about now?

6. Now? No? Hm.

7. Any amusement I had felt, and any pleasure in sickness routines is now gone, and I am done with this whole “being sick thing.”

8. Annoyance.

9. Whining.

10. Recovery.

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