Beowulf or Whatever: Part 4

Later, the King of the Geat’s sons die and the Kingdom goes to Beowulf who rules it for 50 years. (A couple pages on spent on telling a coast guard about why they are here only to be repeated almost exactly the same way a couple pages later, and Beowulfs 50 year rule is summed up in a line. The pacing on this one is interesting.)

Meanwhile, the last of a forgotten race of people puts a bunch of treasure in a barrow. Then a Dragon moves in because, you know, treasure attracts Dragons. That’s a science fact. Anyway, this isn’t a problem for three centuries until SOME ASSHOLE goes and steals a goblet from the barrow, which, of course, makes the dragon FURIOUS. This is a moral lesson: if there is a Dragon sitting on a treasure, just fucking leave it.

Anyway, the Dragon sets fire to everything in Geatland. Geatlandia. The land o’the Geats. And Beowulf hears about it, mostly because it appears the Dragon has burned down his throne room. All this makes Beowulf (who is old now) depressed, and he knows he’s gotta go fight that dragon. He also knows that if he fights the dragon, that will be the end for him. Heavy.