Your Parlor

Allow me to step into your parlor for a moment, present my card, and introduce myself: I am J.R. Blackwell. I am a writer and photographer. I write fun ranty essays and fiction about super villains, vampires, lovers, princesses, losing someone you love, and people with shark teeth.

I wrote a game called Shelter in Place about zombies which recently won an ENnie, and I worked on the board game Velociraptor! Cannibalism! which is currently in production.

Right now I’m working on a webcomic with my artist from Shelter in Place. We’ve been having a lot of fun playing with characters and creating a world together. When we launch, you will most certainly hear about it here.

Some Essays:

The Presupposition of a Geek Hierarchy

10 Things to Avoid Putting in your Vagina

The Hidden Step

The Closet

Nikon or Canon: Who Gives A Fuck?

Some Fiction:

Women of the Empire (Audio!)

So I Taught Her

Dr. Mercury, A woman I once loved broke my heart

(If you really like these, there are over a hundred stories I wrote on 365 Tomorrows, and these could get you started there:

Some Photos

Cold Iron: A Recent Book Cover I did the photography for

Weddings (I shoot them! It’s very easy to hire me)

Pro Wrestlers

The Black Tribbles

I’m a happy person with a river of sadness running through me. I am enthusiastic about the things I love and relentlessly encourage people to do, to make, to create. I love games. I love this fabulous, complicated, heart-wrenching world, and I intend to drink up as much of it as I can. I am always making something. I enjoy wine, coffee, sausages, and fruit. I work out six times a week and I hate it. I am deeply, hopelessly, happily in love.

The photo for this post was a self portrait. It is not entirely accurate to my actual appearance, I imagine a decent idea of what I look like could be slapped together by looking at this collection.