The Hidden Step

There is a hidden step in every creative project that no one talks about. The Hidden Step. This is because it’s not a step you do, but a step that happens to you. It has happened to me in every significant project I’ve ever undertaken. Anything I’ve done that’s been worth doing. Anything that has succeeded by any kind of metric has had this step.

It’s the step where someone tells you what you’re doing is impossible, silly, and wrong. Sometimes they just tell you it’s impossible. Other times, it is silly, but always, they will say it is wrong for you to try.

They might as well add this in to every Getting Things Done guide, for how often it appears. The only thing that is impossible to know, is when this step is going to show up. Sometimes it’s at the start of a project, before you’ve even sat down to write a novella about Robots Who Live In Brooklyn. Often it’s in the middle, when you’re planning a Kickstarter for your Magnetic Belt Buckle and someone e-mails you out of the blue to tell you that you’ll never raise ten thousand dollars for such a silly idea. Rarely, it’s at the end, when you’ve Finished Your Painting of Arguing Hamsters and someone looks at it and says “Oh, this has been so Done Before.”

I write this, because I know that being told that the creative project you’ve fallen in love with is Impossible can be a blow, and I want you to know, you, who are Starting That Thing, you, who are Making Something Awesome, I want you to know that this is a step in the process, and if you believe in what you’re doing, you should forge on, for when you get where your going, those voices that told you that you couldn’t get there will retreat, apologize and fall to silence.

Little is Impossible.

Everything is Silly

Love isn’t Wrong.