Shelter in Place won an ENnie!

Shelter in Place has won a Judges Spotlight Award at the ENnies! Thank you to Brennan Taylor, Filamena Young, David A. Hill Jr., Natalie Kelly and Daniel Solis for helping me create this game.

The people on this team are all my friends, people who I’ve games with and hung out with, and when we did this project, we formed some kind of Voltron of game-making, and if anything I’ve done is any good, it’s because I have had my friends to help me.

When Brennan called me to tell me that Shelter in Place had won, I was actually hanging out with my pal Peter Woodworth and my husband Jared Axelrod (both game designers and writers) because Peter was helping me create a character for Dystopia Rising.

That’s right, when I heard I had won an award for my zombie game, I was making a character for another zombie game. I cannot think of a more appropriate time to get the news.

Shelter In Place

Photo by Rae Winters

Thank you to everyone who helped in the development of the game, who showed up to thephotoshoot above, who test played the game, who showed up to play at conventions, who supported the Kickstarer and who encouraged me to make this project a reality.

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