Photographer Stylist

This post is all about style. Even though I think most people know that editing an image can really change a photo, when I talk to people about photoshop, mostly people seem to think of it in terms of taking out zits or wrinkles, rather than using it to define a style.

Below is a photo of the fabulous Dan and Avalon looking very beautiful (and stylish!) on their wedding day. This is the image right from the camera, no photoshop, no cropping, right from the memory card to you.
Origional Image

I really like this image all on it’s own. Dan and Avalon are beautiful, and the setting their in is a nice reflection of their own aesthetics. However, a few adjustments in photoshop can move this image in a different direction, or enhance the mood that’s already there.

I do this quite a lot for my bookcover projects but weddings are one of the places where photoshopping an image can be very important. I try to get the best image out of the camera every time, but a few edits in photoshop can really help the image to suit the style of the client.

For example, a more moody image might look like this:
Color PopI really like the way the black color looks in this one, and the forest begins to look like an enchanted, mysterious place.

Or we could take it to a more vintage, summery look:
Vintage Style!This seems to be a very popular style right now. Some people don’t like it because they feel that far in the future, people might look at images like these and say “That is  SOOO 2012.”

Maybe it will? Or not? Either way, since it’s a digital image, if it REALLY bothered someone, it could be updated for whatever to current style was in the future.

Dan and Avalon
Black and White, of course. What’s interesting about black and white images is that it’s super easy for anyone with a photo editing program to just desaturate an image to turn in black and white.

Sometimes people do this and think “Yeah, that’s black and white alright, but it doesn’t look like a proper black and white photo.” There are some techniques to turning a color image into black and white that really help make it pop that someone who is experienced can help you with.

Dan and Avalon Pops of red! Dan and Avalon had so many little pops of red in their outfits that I thought an image that popped them could be fun.

Of course, these are just examples of the various ways a photo can be edited to bring out different styles. That’s why when I do a shoot for a client, I include photo-editing of a certain number of photos in the package – I really want my clients to be happy with the the end result, no matter what their style is.

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