Masking the Layers of Contrast

Sometimes, I’m shooting a wedding in a lovely setting with adorable people and the sun, the source of life, has the freakin’ audacity to go behind a cloud as I’m taking a shot!

I KNOW! Infuriating!

The results of this are images like this:

Oh, No, A Cloud!

Cute people covered in a mysterious shadow!

Of course, when this happens, I just usually reposition people and try something else. But recently I decided it was time to expand my photoshop skills. I thought the best way to do this was to fish out some old images (like the one above) that didn’t quite work out, and attempt to save them using some new skills. Like Superman catching a falling Lois Lane. But with photoshop.

After some edits, here is the image above, saved from shadows and darkness of evil clouds!


Golden Wedding!

Golden Wedding: Oh, how can I ever thank you!

Me: No need, Golden Wedding, just doing my job.

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