2000 posts in, which means it’s time to say few things about myself. My name is Jared Axelrod. That’s me above, coffee-stains and all.

I’m a writer, most notably of the graphic novel The Battle of Blood & Ink, which was drawn bythe gargantuanly gifted Steve Walker and came out this past May from Tor. It has a companion podcast, Fables of the Flying City, which contains prequel stories to the graphic novel. I also write and draw Ask Comrade Cockroach, a webcomic where a D-list supervillian gives advice. Examples of these and other comics can be found on this Tumblr under the tag “my comics.”

I am an occasional costumer, for myself, friends and local theater productions. Most of my stuff now is just for me, as writing takes up a lot of my time. Finished costumes and inspiration pieces can be found under the tag “costumes

The other tags—Questperts, Born of an Atom Bomb,Thunderbolt X, Tomorrow Never Comes, Elaine The Peerless, Creed of the Seamstress, norganism, Scoesby Cuts A Rug, Merely Players, Carlyle and Hodge, Sense of Worth, Magpie’s Six, We Who Fight In The Waves, Waiting For Ironwine, Jigsaw Youth, Father Brothers, Small Victories, Way of the Dodo, Kimmel, Space Heater, Lord of Knives, Rook Takes Queen, Star Stumblers, Oddfellows Local, Ant & Grasshopper, Dimmocks Mill, Bearing The Bahdj, 5×5, Citizens of the New Century, Doggerland, In The Black, The Night Herders—are reference material for stories in progress (some are more “in-progress” than others). I won’t go into all of them, but if you’re curious about any of the titles here, just ask.

I also make puppets, one of the largest and most complex puppets I’ve ever made was Captain Chubbs, who was built for Galileo Games‘s BULDOGS! LARP. Chubbs is fun.

I live in Philadelphia. I am married to the immensely talented J.R. Blackwell, who has an astounding Tumblr of her own. I am excellent guest at parties. I am not domestic, I am a luxury, and in that sense, necessary.

This is my husband! Without him, my photography would be far less impressive, since he makes most of the costumes you see therein. Also he designs many of his own accessories. Yeah. He is just that cool.

He is also an impressive cook, a former freak-show performer (human pincushin), he can juggle and make stuffed animals, he’s interested in science, nutrition, fashion and fancy knives, he’s an excellent hugger, a feminist, is currently taking two graduate school classes which he is kicking some ass in, he has designed several unpublished RPG’s (one involving doughnuts as a core mechanic) and has an impressive pain tolerance – see “freak show performer” above.

He is a good illustrator, an entertaining public speaker, and a excellent writer. He has strong opinions about facial hair, social justice and story construction. He loves museums, stylish men and fancy cheese.

He is the finest man I’ve ever met.