The Bar Challenge

Brennan Taylor (Game Designer, Zombie) faces off with Captain Chubbs (Puppet, Spacebear)

This photo was taken at the bar at DexCon the night before the big Bulldogs! LARP. This was my favorite photo from the entire weekend, which says something because I really like the photos of the space pirates, Captains and assorted aliens I took during the Bulldogs! game.

The puppet, Captain Chubbs, was constructed and operated by my husband, Jared Axelrod. Yes, the puppet has a cigar that lights up when he smokes it. Yes, he also has a fully-automatic nerf weapon. It’s a incredible piece of art and mechanics, that puppet. Jared managed to make the kind of puppet that is usually operated by 2-3 people into a puppet he could operate himself.

I have fallen into a life where I am surrounded by people who do things and make things. For me, this is a very good place to be. They inspire me to think about what’s next, and challenge me to stay on my toes, and support me when I’m pushing myself. I’ve recently been thinking about what art project might be next on my list. I’ve put some options I’ve been considering over on the Tumblr. More to come on that topic soon.