Project Idea: The Doctor Mercury Art Book


Project Concept: An art book and show featuring photographs and fiction of Dr. Mercury, the star-child supervillain who eats sunlight, drinks blood, and meddles in the relationships of superheroes. 

The photographs would be me and a selection of models and actors dressed up as Dr. Mercury and as the people inhabiting Dr. Mercury’s world. Shoots would take place at locations that fit the look of that universe and photograph sites there, including sites with black beaches, volcanoes and fields of ice.

This project would also include a series of short stories to go with the photographs, creating an art book for Dr. Mercury that features my photography and written work with possible contributions from other select artists.

Needed for Project: Makeup artists, costumes, models, props, space rental, travel, funds for prints, books and a gallery show.

(Photo of Dr. Mercury)