Photography Wish List #3: Chuck Wendig


Execute an author photo that requires a substantially large cast for an author photo which usually just involves, you know, the AUTHOR.


Models: Chuck Wendig and about 30 Zombies

Setting: A large hill or perhaps a pile of tires or scrap metal. (I do know where something like this is but the bastards won’t let me in to their sweet, sweet pile of danger.)

Costume: A badass zombie-slayer costume for Chuck, zombie outfits, a large axe,


  • Getting 30 Zombies and several makeup artists to show up somewhere for the shoot.
  • Convincing Chuck Wendig that I’m not scary so that he will show up. (People should really start writing Letter of Introduction like they used to in the Victorian Era)
  • Finding a location that will let us shoot there that looks appropriately apocalyptic.
  • Making sure that no actual zombies show up and attempt to eat anyone. The
  • money to pay makeup artists and to buy costumes.

This is never going to happen, is it? I CAN DREAM DAMN YOU ALL.

Photography Wish List is where I share the photography projects I WANT to do, but often will take more time, money, energy, and collaboration than is possible at the moment. It doesn’t mean I won’t get them done, they are on my wish list, but it does mean that I’m on the lookout for some special element to complete the concept. If you have this element, or if you just like this idea please feel free to comment!

4 thoughts on “Photography Wish List #3: Chuck Wendig

  1. “Convincing Chuck Wendig that I’m not scary so that he will show up.”

    I’m convinced this is false advertising. Also, this is Chuck Wendig we’re talking about. It would probably work better to convince him that you’re absolutely terrifying in all the right ways.

    • I’m working on it. It’s a work in progress. Currently I am only terrifying in three out of the five right ways.

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