Speakwriting for the Prolefeed

Next yp? I’m joining minitrue to speakwrite for the prolefeed. I have this plusgood idea for the prolefeed about a pornosec on artsem. Now I doubleplus know that this might sound like duckspeak as we all know that goodsex that results in issue is just about the only pornosec that makes in onto the prolefeed. But during Hate Week I was at a goodParty event when I saw a Junior Anti-Sex League rep who told me that they want to promote artsem to the Proles.

What gooder way than a pornosec! She said she worked for the FicDep and they are looking for good ideas for the versificator that will help steer the proles away from sexcrime. This could be it! My chance to speakwrite for the FicDep! So plusgood. I’m going to use the speakwrite to get my ideas down tonight.

It’s that or join the thinkpol to help bb stop crimethink. Gotta get those facecrimeful Proles into the joycamps. I see em’ everywhere. Plusungood, you know?

-I wrote this a while ago, but I wanted to share it with Tumblr because sharing is caring.