There are two ways you get to be an inspiration. One is by doing something admirable, and the other is by simply not killing yourself when it seems like you have excellent reasons to do so.

I would like to be the first kind of inspirational, but I’m not accomplished enough yet to be there. Certainly some people LIKE the things I do, but that is no where near the Inspiration level of a person who has, say, invented a new artistic medium, lead a revolution or discovered a new particle.

The second reason you may be called an Inspiration is when your life has gotten so shitty that people start to imagine what they’d do in your situation, and the movie played in their minds is dark indeed. If you can smile in the middle of it all, if you can make a group of strangers laugh, well then, you will be especially Inspirational, because you will make people feel better about how terrible things are for you. They don’t need to worry about you because you’re Inspirational.

I wish that you will all be the first kind of Inspirational and that you will avoid the second entirely.

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