And then I realized why you love me

So, I was looking back on my Tumblr posts, and I realize the the majority of the reblogs and likes I’ve gotten were from stuff I’ve written. This is interesting to me, because:

1. I thought you were just here for the photos.

2. I use Tumblr to write the naughty, no-goodnick stuff that I don’t put on the site where I direct people who I’m hoping will hire me.

3. I really did think you were here for the photos. I mean, I think you LIKE the photos, but it’s becoming clear that you are here for my madness, diatribes, ranting, humor, and Opinions.

Here’s a roundup of stuff you’ve liked:

Opinions on Your Body, Now That You Are Pregnant

So I Taught Her

The Closet

Ladies Wearing The Same Dress: Fiction vs. Reality

Ask Dr. Mercury Anything


Nikon or Canon: Who Gives A Fuck?

I guess I should write more then.