Jenn in the Land of Games

Here are some shots from a recent photoshoot I had with Jenn from the Jennisodes podcast. No, it wasn’t her wedding day, but I love how fun wedding dresses are, so I asked her to bring this one along for our shoot.

I really wanted to take Jenn to this location specifically, because Jenn is a game designer who runs a podcast focused on games. Bringing a game designer to a place filled with giant game pieces just seems right.

Jenn and I had some interesting discussions that day, including about being a woman who engages in gaming and online culture, and the decision to share photographs of yourself. I really respect the enthusiasm for which Jenn approaches gaming and podcasting.


Jenn is currently running a Kickstarter for her game, Project Ninja Panda Taco here:
You can listen to the Jennisodes here:

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