Shooting with PJ Schnyder

Steampunk PJ
Even though my Shelter in Place Kickstarter has been over for quite some time, the books and t-shirts shipped and little zombies roaming around the world, I am still delivering on Kickstarter rewards. One of the rewards I offered was a photoshoot with me – two hours and editing of 5 photos for $125 (this also included the book and t-shirt). Of course, people have lives and commitments, so scheduling these photoshoots is still in progress. However, I was very pleased that I got to shoot with PJ last weekend and that I got to fulfill her reward.
SciFi PJ
PJ is an author who I admire quite a bit. When I met her, she told me that she was going to write and publish a novel. I was encouraging, but you know how it is – a lot of people say that and few people do it. Life gets in the way. There is the day job, illness, family commitments, adult responsibilities. Books are hard. I know. But within a year, PJ had done just that. She’s determined and ambitious and she doesn’t waste any time. I hired her to work on my anthology, Gimme Shelter, and she was that perfect freelancer that Neil Gaimen talks about: Friendly, Good and On Time.

PJ Smiles

PJ writes primarily romance, but she is now expanding to steampunk and scifi and she wanted some photos that would reflect that. Also, with her use of social media (something a lot of authors are rightly getting into) she wanted not so much “a” photo as a collection of photos that she could use for different venues and occasions. I think this is very smart for the author of today – people want to get to know your work, but also who YOU are, as an artist, and all of your various interests and angles. Having a collection allows PJ to choose a mood in which to present herself.

Even though my Kickstarter is over, you can still hire me if you have an author photoshoot or a special project you’re working on. Details about hiring me are here:
Steampunk PJ

Makeup for this shoot was done by Bunny Greene:

You can learn more about PJ here:

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