You know what? Fuck Photogenic.

As a photographer, I’m tired of people whining to me that they can’t get a professional author photo, or engagement photo or headshot because they aren’t photogenic. That it’s better that the world never see their face because they are afraid of the camera. Screw that.

I know that all of this comes from years of terrible family photos, of Aunt Dot taking ugly flash photos of you eating pie, or Uncle Bob whipping out his fancy SLR to shoot everyone’s double chin and making prints of to send to your mother. I get it. I understand our culture has made you think that only certain body types have the right to stand in front of cameras.  I know that this comes from drunken photos landing on facebook that have made you think you’re ugly and not worthy of decent photos, or that you somehow have to apologize to the photographer because of your face and body.

Well fuck that. You are amazing. Your body carries you through this difficult, incredible world and it is amazing too. Fuck anyone who says otherwise. And if a photographer can’t show off how extraordinary your face is and how amazing the person is that resides inside, and with this body, then they aren’t good enough to be your photographer.

I won’t deny that there are people for whom this comes easy, who look great in photos no matter the time of day or photographer. Sure. There are professional models who work the camera from the other side of the lens. Bless them. They make things easy for the photographer.

You know what though? A professional, a well worth it pro will be able to make you look good regardless. Maybe the photographer will have to work a little harder, maybe they will have to be an artist about it, maybe you will need good clothes and makeup or a unicycle. Never, ever apologize for the way you look. You are fabulous. If the photographer can’t show the world just how fabulous, fuck em. Hire someone else.