Black Tribbles and the Grrl Show!

Tonight at 9pm I am going to be on the Black Tribbles show! Black Tribbles is show about geek culture and media where five people engage in thought-provoking conversation and provide critical insight into a culture that is often devoid of a black influence; all with a humorous irreverent tone that delights as it educates.

I met Kennedy AKA: Storm Tribble, when I took photos of the crew for PW. As anyone who has met me knows, I exude a general geek aura, so they asked me what geekiness I get up to. When I told them I had written a role-playing game, Kennedy invited me on the Grrl show. OF COURSE I accepted. I’m not sure that my photos convey just how cool the Black Tribbles are. I am not sure photos CAN convey these things. They are that cool. Anyway, I am so excited for tonight. So excited!


Hosted by Storm Tribble, this episode is going to be the Grrl Show, and we are going to chat about womens issues in Geekdom. It does seem like there is a lot to talk about there at the moment, so I imagine we’ll have some interesting discussions. I will attempt to avoid cursing like a sailor.

Storm Tribble

You can listen live on G-Town radio, or streaming here:

You can also download it later from their website: